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Karaoke Songbook
Weekly Calendar of Events

Texas Hold 'Em Poker @ 4pm (Page Under Development)
Robb Brooks acoustic show starts at 7:00pm!
Drink specials for the LADIES begin at 7:00pm!!!
$ 0.75 Drafts / $ 0.50 Wings (Page Under Development)
Texas Hold 'Em Poker @ 7pm (Page Under Development)
Food & Fun All Day Long (Page Under Development)
Over 32,000 karaoke songs to choose from!
Check out our online Virtual Karaoke Song Book!!!
Bring the kids, have some dinner and sing some karaoke!
Check out our online Virtual Karaoke Song Book!!!

Hours of Operation

Monday 11am ~ 10pm
Tuesday 11am ~ 12am
Wednesday 11am ~ 12am
Thursday 11am ~ 12am
Friday 11am ~ 2am
Saturday 11am ~ 2am
Sunday 12pm ~ 8pm

David, our karaoke guy, has been honing his craft for more than 18 years. He provides a great mix between Karaoke and DJ, and adapts to whatever the night may bring. His goal is that everyone leaves either singing or hearing whatever they desire, providing that it is in good taste. As Brookes is a family restaurant and there are often children present, we do our best to prevent the playing of songs with adult content until late in the evening.

Brookes is a KID FRIENDLY atmosphere!!! If you've been looking for a place to take the kids for Karaoke, Brookes is the place to go.

David is connected to the Internet, and has accounts with Amazon, iTunes, Tricerasoft, All Star Karaoke and Karaoke Version, which allows him to obtain many songs that he doesn't have within minutes and incorporate them into the show. This means that, if a song is available, our patrons will be able to sing or hear that song within a short period of time. So, if you don't see it in our Karaoke Songbook, please ask, and David will get the song, if it's available.

David also carries a wide variety of disks including Sound Choice and Chartbuster. His account with Tricerasoft gives him access to many other popular brands such as Sunfly, Music Maestro, Zoom, Mr. Entertainer, SBI, Easy Karaoke and Tropical Zone (Spanish Music). For a full list of Karaoke songs that we currently have in our show, check out the songbook to the right, or Click Here to access our Mobile Phone version of the Karaoke songbook. David also checks with KJ Pro, a master database of many popular Karaoke disks. Not every song is available on Karaoke, but if it is available he will do his best to get it as quickly as possible. For those songs that aren't currently available, he puts in a request with Karaoke Version to have the song produced for Karaoke. Karaoke Version is a great resource for karaoke songs that can't be found anywhere else. It may take a while, depending on the popularity of the song, but it has paid off on quite a few songs.

Click Here for the VIKS Mobile Phone Version

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Welcome To Brookes About Us Page!!! We Are Currently In The Developmental Stage!

Welcome To Brookes Contact Page!!! We Are Currently In The Developmental Stage!